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About us    
Bionic Unicorn Crusaders is a 10-man raid guild on Thorium Brotherhood in WoW. We only invite what we need (10-man) due to the fact we don't rotate people in our out of raids with no plans for expanding beyond 10-man. Our raid times are 12am-3am server and were here to have fun the whole time and do what ever the hell we want covered in glitter.

You may not see much on this page because access is restricted to members only.
BUC Loot Rules    

MAIN SPEC is the spec you are in the raid as.


One MAIN SPEC roll and one OFF SPEC roll per week of raiding. 
If you have used your rolls for the week and an item you need drops and no-one rolls on it then you may roll on it. We would rather gear be used than DE'd.


Tier Tokens are rolled separately. You may roll for your main spec only and may only win one Tier Token per week. Tier token rolls are additional to Main Spec Rolls.


 If you roll main spec on this it counts as your main spec roll for the week.
If noone rolls main spec then this item will go to an OPEN ROLL. Everyone may roll on this, you may win one BOE roll per week.


                         These are OPEN ROLL. Everyone may roll on this, you may win one Living Ember per week.

ETERNAL EMBERS (For legendary Quest)

These are given to a person nominated by the guild based on eligibilty for quest and usefulness of weapon to that class. This person will receive all eternal embers until they have enough for the quest, then the next person in line will begin receiving them.


DE mats go to the guild bank.
Loot will be recorded - address any questions about Loot to Qwinn.  Loot should be fair and these rules are in place so every raider has a chance to get something.

If you have read and accepted these rules please type in raid chat "BUCLoot"
Recruitment Information    
We need a damn Tank Healer so contact any Bionic Unicorn Crusader member. Have nice day.
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